Our Menu

Fresh and Local directly to your table

The Farm

We were fortunate enough to have met Cristo Rey shortly after hurricane Odile and immediately hired the talented farmer to over see our organic farm and call it his new home. It is thanks to the special touch of he and the rest of our farmers that we have consistently fresh and delicious produce to incorporate into all of our dishes.

Baby Blue and Beet SaladMXN 180
Arugula, Gorgonzola cheese, sunflower seeds, pecan, apple crisps, balsamic fig vinaigrette
CapresseMXN 180
Campari tomatoes, burrata, pesto de arugula, parmesan
CarrotMXN 180
Smoked carrots, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, beet, carrot and fennel vinaigrette, arugula, jocoque and goat cheese
Grilled Caesar SaladMXN 260
Grilled romaine, house made dressing, prosciutto jerky, tomato marmalade, reggiano, tempura anchovy, garlic chips, crispy crouton
Jicama SashimiMXN 180
Wakame seaweed, mango, cucumber, cilantro, soy, lime, serrano, sesame oil, sambal, ginger, toasted guajillo and peanuts
Vegetarian TlayudaMXN 240
Refried beans, asadero cheese, jocoque cream , pickled onion, tomatillo salsa, cherry tomato, chards

The Fisherman

La Playita is a quaint and sleepy fishing village nestled in the heart of the San Jose del Cabo Marina. To those who live there, fishing is more than a career… it’s a family legacy. By carrying on the tradition of generations before them, the fisherman of La Playita have grown a reputation for their quality catch. We proudly purchase our fish from these talented and knowledgeable individuals to provide you with the freshest boat to table cuisine.

Baja Mediterranean Catch of the DayMXN 420
Sundried tomato tapenade, warmed quinoa salad with baby squash, heirloom «bruschetta» salsa, pesto, panko herb and garlic crust
Belly and SuckersMXN 180
Hoisin pork belly, grilled octopus, smoked carrot, puya chili, squid ink aioli, avocado arugula puree, chorizo dust, pickled cauliflower
Sashimi PastorMXN 220
Achiote marinade, grilled pineapple, habanero, cilantro, tomatillo, poke sauce, crispy tortilla, sea salt, lime
Seafood ChilpacholeMXN 750
Spiced adobo cream, lobster, shrimp, octopus, divers scallop, soft shell crab, epazote, radish
Surf & Turf TacoMXN 180
Rib eye chicharron, soft shell crab, carrot puree, beet tortilla, radish, charred garlic and habanero mayo
Whole Fried SnapperMXN 490
Chile guajillo and garlic risotto, chimichurri

The Ranch

Rogelio Guevara takes pride in the quality and honesty of every piece of meat he sells. He has a passion for providing his customers with beautiful cuts of meat that come from a humane background and are raised locally. Hormone and cruelty free, Rogelio provides us with the most decadent cuts of meats for our organic based dishes.

Chile WellingtonMXN 420
Tender tips, Gorgonzola, mushroom duxelle, puff pastry, mesquite roasted pomodoro sauce
Creek Stone Farms Ribeye [500 gr]MXN 990
Rosemary horseradish puree, crispy shallot, oxtail mulato demi, asparagus
Lamb Shank MixioteMXN 590
Adobo braised, Charro Beans, tomatillo salsa, grilled pineapple, basil, habanero chile, plantain tortilla
Organic ChickenMXN 450
Mesquite grilled small hen, arugula pesto, garden vegetables, demi glace
Short RibMXN 490
Tamarind and chile ancho, avocado and mushroom barley risotto, truffle oil, parmesan chia crisp
Suckling Pig TacoMXN 160
Black mole, pickled onion, plantain tortilla, avocado mousse, sesame, jocoque and mezcal cream
Tenderloin [240 gr]MXN 590
Potato anna , fried hen egg , truffled hollandaise, asparagus, tomato marmalade, truffle oil
TlayudaMXN 290
Refried beans, asadero cheese, Spanish sausage, grasshoppers, jocoque and mezcal cream, pickled onion, tomatillo salsa, cherry tomatoes