Baja Contemporary

Organic and sustainable cuisine

Original and Contemporary Cuisine

The Baja Sur is the home of some of the best Mexican Cuisine you’ll find in the country. With a desert atmosphere and boat to table seafood, the flavors are unsurpassed and come together beautifully to recreate classic Mexican dishes.

While still holding a respect for the more classical dishes, Chef Tadd Chapman set out to develop a new fusion in the world of contemporary Mexican cuisine. Baja Contemporary was born out of a passion for using local and exotic ingredients in creative ways, re-interpreting some of our favorite dishes and giving them a new spin through culinary artistry.

We are excited to present the very best of Baja Contemporary for you to experience first hand. We invite you to engage your senses and indulge in the tastes of Baja.


Quality ingredients from the farm to your table

To end with quality, you must begin with quality. There is no denying the overwhelming difference in flavor between a store bought tomato and that of one picked directly off the vine. In order to deliver the fullest flavors and most vibrantly colored ingredients we have created Sanchez Organico, our own fully functional farm. With our farm to table ingredients we hope to bring an excellence that you not only taste, but can feel as well.


The Canadian born Chef brings a new twist to Baja Cuisine

Born and Raised on Vancouver Island, I began my culinary studies at the age of 15 years, working in a number of restaurants while focusing on culinary arts thru high school. After High School, I chose the culinary arts program at VIU (Malispina) under Master Chef Hubert Scheck, and Chef Alex Rennie among others, graduating at the top of my class.

After working for CP Hotels and Resorts between 1996 and 1997, I was convinced to come down to Los Cabos to visit my father in 1998. Quickly falling in love with Los Cabos and the Mexican culture, I moved down a month later to open my first of many restaurants, The Tulip Tree in April of 1998. Later opening Habaneros Gastro Grill in 2004, I coined the term “Mexican Fusion” Cuisine to best describe my use of local ingredients and concepts with international flavors.

In 2010 I was voted “Best Chef in Los Cabos” by the general public in the Cabo Social “Best of Cabo Awards”. In summer of 2012 the prestigious Mexico Traveler Magazine featured myself along with two others as one of the top Celebrity chefs of Mexico. Seventeen years and many restaurants later, my restaurants (Habaneros Gastro Grill, Don Sanchez and Retro Burger) have become an important piece in the Los Cabos dining and social scene, as well as a constant contributor to the community and local charities.

Don Sanchez Restaurant is a proud member of the Tadd Chapman Restaurant Group including Don Sanchez Restaurant, Habaneros Gastro Grill Restaurant and the Retro Burger Bar Restaurant, all conveniently located in the downtown San Jose del Cabo area.